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Thanks for your very comprehensive instructionss. I had assigned fn2 to just magnify but the dials didn't change anything so I wil try again later with fn2 assigned to the 4 options and let you know how it goes.

My bad : you have to be zoomed in, in order to change the magnification level with the dials. But you only need to change it once. After that each time you press one short time on the Fn2 button, you will find the AF/zoom target at the same size it had the last time you used it.

Whether you are using Fn2 directly as a magnifier or whether you have Fn2 on Multifunction and access to the magnifier through the multifunction, doesn't make any difference. It is just a way to keep several tasks on a button. I kept it because this is the best way to access to the curve function. The other two functions are accessible via the SCP.

Alternatively, you can also use a slider appearing on the lcd. It is only appearing when you have activated the possibility to AF via touch focus. In this case, when you tap the LCD the target will appear where you taped and a slider on the right of the frame will allow you to set the magnifying level.

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I, too, thank you for your input on this subject (reducing size of focus box on the E-M5). While it is covered on page 45 of the manual ("Zoom frame AF/zoom AF"), it never clearly states the measures it describes reduce the size, and therefor fine tune accuracy of the focus box for general shooting, not just magnified views.

In fact, I'm still not entirely clear on this being the case, will have to try it out this weekend. I've been a bit disappointed in taking telephoto shots that the AF box is too large and clumsy to focus upon the subject I'm aiming for. Nothing close to a deal killer, I'm simply in love with most everything else about the E-M5, more of a learning curve.

I'm encountering more focusing issues (like the camera won't focus where I want) with the E-M5 than with the E-P3. This usually with longer tele at larger aperture. The camera would insist on focusing on the background when it is more contrasty. Often I think it was because I hadn't respected the minimal focusing distance, but it would stay so even after I backed way further.. In such weird cases, using a wider focus target helped.. So I have been wondering whether the camera was well synchronized with the smaller target box, or what ?  Sometimes the camera stay focused completely at the other end of the scale, as if it was trying to go in the opposite direction of what was needed. In these cases, the only way out is to focus anywhere else preferably at infinity and start the focusing again from scratch.

The manual, now that's another matter. No index entries for either "focus box" or "magnification", and most subjects are poorly described. Busch's book is quite a bit better in providing a solid discussion/illustration of the camera's features, menus, etc.

Try this help page , if you haven't already : Gary Ayton's wiki is the best online ressource for an advanced photographer . I didn't get Bush's book, but I'm sure you have to read a lot before you find what is really useful for specific task. Gary Ayton says it all with a few words and consider the best settings systematically for each kind of picturejyyou want to take.

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