Exposure control in a raw developer: misnomer?

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Re: Meeting of the Titans Condemned to Ancient History ?

Joofa wrote:

Emil's article is about a single pixel.

Martinec's "Section 1. Photon Shot Noise" seems to me to not restrict itself strictly to per-pixel analysis at all - so your statement caused me to be reminded of those previous conversations.

There is no disagreement with that analysis. That message that you quoted was talking about "image level" noise of a real photograph that is not a uniform patch. They are not the same concepts. (Technically Emil talks about the whole image, but since he is treating a uniform input field, effectively he is trading temporal noise statistics on a single pixel with spatial noise statistics over the whole image. But again, it is about uniform light field input.)

In any case, my OP here is not about pixel level vs. image level noise.

Sorry. I guess that I must have become a bit confused when I read to your statement to GB:

I thought for a usual picture the photon flux varies spatially. No? May be you only take pictures of uniform brick walls as I suspected.

DM, since you are taking so much pain to post entire articles, kindly point me out that where did I say that noise statistics on a single pixel are not given as sqrt? Please be specific.

I was not suggesting that you did. The subject matter within Martinec's article contains analysis based upon "uniform patches" in a number of sections. Your statement on this thread (quoted directly above) seemed to clearly revive the subject of "image-level" analysis. I am confused ...

Don't quote whole messages. Just a few lines of any of my statements would suffice. Right. Just point me to a single statement of mine where I say that Poisson statistics are not sqrt on a single pixel?

I was not seeking to debate pixel-level analysis with you. It seems you were seeking to debate image-level analysis - and the subject (as well as your thoughts on such matters) interest me.

I know your name is "Detail Man". But, kindly spare me the torture of the details of entirety of articles. I'm just not in the right state of mind to parse through whole paragraphs of messages from years ago. I hope you would comply and not cut, copy and paste entire articles. Please.

Sure. They are your writings. I will abstain from quoting them if that is your wish. Sorry about that.


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