Will the Metabones speed booster for M43 be a NEX cast-off?

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Re: Will the Metabones speed booster for M43 be a NEX cast-off?

don_van_vliet wrote:

What I mean by this is, does anyone know if the M43 speed booster will simply be the NEX design with a different register distance, or if it will actually be optimised to the M43 sensor size?

The Metabones speed booster effectively reduces FL by a factor of ~0.73 (I think), and increases aperture by approximately 1 stop. Because M43 has a smaller image circle than NEX, a speed booster could be made to reduce the FL by a larger amount, and increase aperture by a large amount, surely?

Good question actually. I wonder if anything besides the actual mount would be different. In theory you should be right about reducing FL and aperture even further considering the sensor size of m43 is smaller, but optically that might be challenging.

I am guessing that as you're trying to condense the FF image circle onto a smaller sensor you might see even more vignetting (some has been reported with tele lenses on NEX) with certain FF lenses or other artifacts and maybe even image distortion. Of course I am only guessing and they might get there eventually...but at the same time I would think that there is a limit to how much you can actually compress all that light into a smaller area without creating other problems.

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