Nex-5R or Nex-6 for only $100 more?

Started Jan 30, 2013 | Questions thread
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Re: Nex-5R or Nex-6 for only $100 more?

For me the main reasons for getting NEX-6 over 5R were the built-in flash and no overheating in video.

As the other posted stated, NEX-5R has been reported to overheat similar to 5N, which is expected since the body size is pretty much the same which doesn't leave much room for a better heat sink or better heat dissipation.

I have personally done tests with NEX-6 as have many others and I have yet to see a report of it overheating. Not sure how far it will go in a really hot weather or direct sunlight, but a lot further then NEX-5R would that's for sure.

The bounce on the built-in flash is excellent for indoor people photography. I can really dial the ISO down to 800 and get a nice clear picture in low light shooting at max 1/160 shutter, which works well for indoor kids and people photos. The bounce gives a nice even lighting that looks natural.

I really, really wanted a touch screen...but it is 2 very important pluses against 1 and overheating was the reason I didn't get the 5N. So if video beyond 10-15 min is of any importance to you, I would suggest NEX-6.

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