Using the AF-ON focus technique with the D800

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Thanks BeeSo !

BeeSo wrote:

JacquesC... Thank you very much for your article. My D800E focus is now alive and well. Just curious... how did you figure this combination out?

My own frustration with the D800e was at a Sci-Fi convention. The focus would just go nuts trying to focus on moving fans at the hotel. Again...thank you. And yes... when the D800E focuses correctly the photos are fantastic.

Your fan

As pointed out by others this technique has been around for quite a while, I tried it out in desperation      after moving to the Nikon system because I had all sorts of trouble with focus and lost a lot of shots because of that. It immediately worked for me and prevented me from changing back to "the other brand" out of pure frustration Since then a number of my friends have been asking about it frequently enough to spur me into documenting it, even though there are many other sources of info on the topic.

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