Accidentally Formatted my data drive. Can it be undone?

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Re: Accidentally Formatted my data drive. Can it be undone?

James K Cheung wrote:

I accidentally formatted my data drive. The mistake was because I thought I was formatting an external drive.

Is there any way to undo the format and recover what was on the drive which is a spinning hard drive. My programs drive C:\ is SSD disk. It is still working OK.
Thanks for any help.

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The way is quite simply. You just need to download a formatted drive recovery freeware to get back you data. This freeware has ever helped my boyfriend recover all his trip pictures from a flash drive. It is worth a shot.

Important note: You should never save new file on this formatted drive in case of the original data overwritten by new data, which can erase your data forever.

You should make data backups regularly in the future.

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