Uncompressed RAW: Any advantage over Lossless Compressed RAW?

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Re: Uncompressed RAW: Any advantage over Lossless Compressed RAW?

michaeladawson wrote:

Db26 wrote:

Hee's an interesting test on the subject:


Interesting test and conclusion. Thanks for the link.

The guy doesn't kno whow to write. the whole article talks about uncompressed vs. lossy compression and then out of the blue he says lossless compression has no advantage. huh?

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Mike Dawson

By "lossless" he actually means "uncompressed", as they both give the same results.

And yes, the whole comparison is about uncompressed vs lossy compressed, so it is no help for the topic of this thread.

On the other hand, it is a good article since it compares what matters, 12-bit vs. 14-bit and lossy vs. uncompressed.


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