Exposure control in a raw developer: misnomer?

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Re: Density of light

Great Bustard wrote:

Joofa wrote:

Under ordinary setups we don't see photons.

This is a complete non-sequitur.

Yeah right.

We only have access to some measure of photoelectrons at best.

Photons fall on the sensor, they release electrons, and the resulting signal is measured.

So what does that say about the measure of photons? How do you get that? I thought your so called "density of light" was a quantitative measure? Perhaps not and it is just a rhetorical device.

With the usual digital cameras around there is no reliable way of measuring the variation in photon flux, and hence, effectively the so-called "density of light", unless you want to take an image of a uniform brick wall.

Again, a complete non-sequitur. Who's talking about "variations in photon flux"?

I thought for a usual picture the photon flux varies spatially. No? May be you only take pictures of uniform brick walls as I suspected

You're trying to divert to your old tired argument that the photon noise is not accurately described by the square root of the signal.

I think you are out of your mind. I have never said that.

You've been asked over and over to support that claim, and you never deliver.

Pass along what is that you are smoking. I have never disagreed with what you are pretending that I disagreed with.

Now that I've swallowed your bait, please go start a new thread where you demonstrate that the photon noise is not accurately described by the square root of the signal, where the signal is measured in electrons. I'm sure Dr. Martinec would love to read all about how you have proved him wrong:


Don't try to play to authority. When have I said that I'm disagreeing with what Prof. Martinec is saying in that article. Can you please point me to a link where I have said that I disagree with that article of his?

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