Please share photgraphy tip(s) you've used

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Re: Classics (not mine)

dzba wrote:


thanks for your response. A lot more detailed than I expected. I was thinking more of how each of us has adapted to what we've experienced and learned as a result of it, thanks, Mike

I see now ... how one got lesson from mistake , right ?

Lot of mistakes I learned of.

On my first trip with 400D in zoo , big apes pavilon with really big signs "Flash prohibited" I shot in P mode, without knowing it pops up and uses flash automaticaly. Repeatedly, until I finallly held it down with a finger. Not sure who was more furious, whether gorila male or staff


On a very important family event they call suddenly for final group photo (they never give me time enough to prepare)

Obviously, camera reported lens error (50D's lens release button is big and soft and I must to touch it accidentally) so in a panic my friend tossed me his Nikon DSLR. No way to focus for me. Another panic, until he called:  mind the viewfinder dioptric correction! So this is my lesson learned.

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