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Re: Gamut coverage and accuracy are not the same thing
We're just saying that covering 100% of the gamut does not mean necessarily that the monitor is accurate. You keep repeating that you assume the monitor is accurate because it covers 100% of the gamut.

I got you... I now see the source of the confusion -

The monitor is supposed to have 100% sRGB gamut - but it also has a sRGB preset which is supposed to be factory calibrated - I sometimes confused the matter by referring to it as 100% sRGB preset - so I now do see what you mean.

No the monitor is supposed to have 100% sRGB gamut, and separate from that it has a preset for sRGB color space/emulation.

I hope that is clearer.

and it is setting on the sRGB preset that makes the monitor seem well adjusted - "passing" all those on-line monitor calibration images.

My apologies for the confusion.

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