Petition to Nikon: 6 MP DX camera with a high-ISO performance

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Re: Petition to Nikon: 6 MP DX camera with a high-ISO performance

pavi1 wrote:

bobn2 wrote:

caspianm wrote:

Text says a dx crop version of D3S/D4 which results in 6mp.

Closer to 5.

"But we also want to have inexpensive camera DX-format in a small light body, as the D7000/D300s, but with a sensor smaller resolution and high sensitivity, such as the D4/D3s.

A DX sensor with D3S pixels would have much the same 'high ISO' performance as a 24MP D5200. Not sure what your point is.

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While your answers are correct and their reasoning is flawed, what they are asking for is a 6mp DX camera with the high ISO performance of the best of the best, what ever camera that is. Maybe that is not possible with 6mm DX, I don 't pretend to know. As to if it would sell in large numbers, who knows. I would buy one but that is because it would suit my needs. Most people are sold on mp count so 6mp of any quality might be a marketing bust.

Read the original, they want 6MP ´╗┐because´╗┐ they think it will give 'high ISO'.

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