OK, the Canon CEO spills the beans.

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Re: OK, the Canon CEO spills the beans.

mosswings wrote:

I appreciate Masaya Maeda's forthrightness in the CP+ interview...we're at the end of the line for crop-sensor semi-pro/pro bodies. There'll be a 7DII, but probably no more. After that, FF. So given that Canon and Nikon watch out mostly what each other is doing, the kick up in feature set on the D7000 begins to make more sense than just giving customers a good deal. DX bodies probably stop there and mark time until mirrorless matures. Two more iterations.

Nothing unexpected, but the forthrightness is a bit unexpected. (You'd never hear anything like that coming out of Nikon.) Everybody can see the writing on the wall with regards to mirrorless, but both Canon and Nikon are playing a long hard game of catch up in the sub dSLR mirrorless market.

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