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Re: OMD EM5 focus hold?

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A couple of question about the EM5’s focus system:

  1. Is it possible to manually pre-set a focus distance on the Olympus/Panasonic lenses, make an exposure, turn then camera off, turn the camera on and take another shot and still have the lens at the previously set distance. I currently use this "set and forget" method on my Nikons for street and function photography.
  2. Given that the general consensus is that the CAF system on the EM5 is less than effective, how good is the SAF at focusing on a person walking towards the photographer in a typical street scenario. I'm thinking of focal lengths of between 12 and 45 mm, wide open through to f4-5.6.

I realise it may be difficult to give a firm answer (how faraway is the person, how fast are they walking etc.), but any help is appreciated. I'm trying to avoid a repeat of my experience I had with the purchase and subsequent sale of the XPro1. I have been testing the camera at my local camera store, but as you may be able to appreciate, there is only so much you can do under those conditions.

Thanks in advance.

Concerning your first question, there is an option in the custom menu A (concerning focusing) named "Reset lens". By default it is set to "on" and will return the lens to infinity each time the camera is powered off. But you can change it to "off" So that the lens will return exactly where it was before the power off.

Concerning the second question it is more difficult to answer, but the SAF is extremely reactive. For instance if you have the LCD set to allow focus and shooting at one touch, the camera will take a picture instantly. However the SAF can be confused by fast moving targets and thus not being able to lock focus. There are a lot of people using the E-M5 to take street pictures.

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