Nikon's lawsuit against SIGMA was rejected

Started Jan 31, 2013 | Discussions thread
Gary Dean Mercer Clark
Gary Dean Mercer Clark Veteran Member • Posts: 5,606
Re: Nikon's lawsuit against SIGMA was rejected

amdme127 wrote:

A reason that companies sometimes bring a lawsuit against another company is to show the other company's hand. Lawsuits force both companies to open up information to fight the lawsuit that normally wouldn't be public knowledge. It is possible that Nikon is wanting to know more about the research Sigma is doing in lenses in order aid them as they make future decisions in research and development to compete with Sigma.

Nikon is just being a big bully!  Needs to put its stick away and focus on innovating and improving it products instead of trying to steal Sigma's intellectual rights and patents!  The large companies seem to thrive on legal plunder of other companies using the court system etc.  I hope Sigma prevails!

Gary Dean Mercer Clark

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