New D7000 user needs technique/settings tips

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Re: New D7000 user needs technique/settings tips

ADeighty wrote:

You have a bright sky and dark shadows and the camera is trying to compensate for a very wide latitude in exposure. Plus, you under exposed by 2/3 stop. If you had taken this photo 1/2 an hour earlier the light would have been more balanced. If you want straight out of camera results, try bumping saturation, sharpness and contrast. the lighting, practice different settings and if you want to really improve what you get in camera, then do at least a little post work. As a start, check the histogram of this photo. Here is a real quick adjustment, took maybe 20 seconds.

Happy shooting with your new camera.

Sorry, but again, you're new, and if this (your PP'd version) is an example of your advice, I'd say it's quite bad.  That's a horrible version, the original is much better.

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