Show your tripods if you will. And recommend some. (please)

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Re: Show your tripods if you will. And recommend some. (please)

It so depends on what you shoot.

In 30 years of photography I would be surprised if I had taken 1000 shots with a tripod to be honest. There is no single item of kit more likely to get in my way!

I do own one - a Gitzo with an Acratech head - and carried it on a month long trip round India. I did not even get it out of my case!

For reportage style shooting of people and places a tripod is a much help as an ashtray on a motorcycle.

I do have a carbon monopod with a RRS head on which I use a lot more with my Nikon 70-200 because it is light and portable.

As with anything, buy the best you can afford. Gitzo, RRS or Benbo I would say.

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