Sony should learn from Minolta ergonomics...

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Re: Sony should learn from Minolta ergonomics...

It doesn't mean you can't shoot with the A55 (I've shot thousands of pictures with it). But I don't think I'm alone in complaints about the small grip. The A100 is not even close in 'smallness' compared to the A55/A33/A37. The A100 has a wider, generous looking grip. The A55 is short and narrow. In low light, hand-held situations, I can't squeeze a shot as steadily as I would compared to cameras with larger grips. Of course, I put up with the A55 because I figured its the price to pay for having a camera this capable in such a small package. That is, until, I held the Maxxum 5 and realized that being a small camera doesn't mean you can't have a grip as comfortable as a bigger camera. You have to hold the cameras side by side to see that the old Minolta put some thought into designing the 5 grip while Sony didn't with the A55.

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