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Re: If this is the firsttime with the D600 and dimly lit sports.
It may also be situation and technique related. I use release priority when shooting soccer and almost never miss focus. I'd rather have the camera take the shot I want than wait for the camera to confirm that it has focus and miss the shot I wanted - but I'd rather it work that way because I have >95% focus hits.

using focus priority, i never have the perception that i'm missing shots. but i'm not a "spray and pray" type of photographer, i use extremely short, controlled bursts, and wait for the shot. usually it's either the first or last shot in the burst that i'm aiming for. focus priority definitely lowers the burst rate, but i find that timing is way more important than how many frames i can take in a second.

My focus misses are almost all from acquiring the wrong target (e.g the wrong soccer player, which is all my own technique) or from snapping to an intervening player/ref or snapping to the background because I lost good tracking on the subject.

using focus priority, the only shots focus misses i get are from a player coming too physically close to my lens that i can no longer continue to track them, or when i just fail to lock onto the player at all. generally because i whip the camera around too fast to follow the ball, and forget to reacquire focus lock. in general, i begin tracking the player well before they do anything interesting worth photographing.

in release+focus, i feel like it was less within my control. i'd have the first shot in focus, the second out, and the third back in. all i can think of is that maybe the players are moving at speeds that aren't easily predictable by the camera.

Obviously, you can go with what works best for you, but I like a different tradeoff than you've selected so there are different ways to approach this.

of course; use what works best for you. i was just debating the idea that focus priority was useless at best and detrimental at worst. it gives me a significantly higher keeper rate, so i'll probably be sticking to it.

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