FZ200: Silkypix RAW and Standard JPG comparison

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Re: FZ200: Silkypix RAW and Standard JPG comparison


In the last week, I've started trying RAW processing with Faststone 4.7, really hoping to like it. A few of my efforts looked pretty good, especially the application of sharpening.

Today, I went to my hunting club with the dogs and shot about 50 (100) pictures in RAW +JPEG. So far, I've processed about ten of the RAW images and find I'm losing interest. None, so far, are any better than the JPEGs, most not as good.

I'm still a rookie at RAW, but must say that, so far at least, I'm hard pressed to think it's worth the time.

I'm sure I'm missing something,.....and I'm going to stay with it,.......for awhile.


Hi Jack

May I humbly suggest trying LT470 Cole's workflow? As you are probably aware he works exclusively with jpegs for his superzooms.

I doubt anyone (normal) would dispute the results he achieves. He has also stated that his workflow is based on efficiency, and not chasing the last nth of perceived IQ.

My regard for Ronomy is very high also; the jpeg shown at top would not only satisfy, but impress the vast majority of casual Panasonic users.

No doubt a smidgen of unsharp mask would make it "pop" even more, and it would make a lovely A4 print.

I truly believe the FZ200's teething/setup issues have caused it to be vastly underestimated. Recently I saw a website for a working pro sports journo, and he now unashamedly includes the FZ200 in his daily kit on the sideline, and proudly pictures it alongside some very high-end Canon gear.

If Panny muck up the FZ250 (and there is a better than 50% chance they will imho) with a 16-18MP sensor, and even more electronic garbage to cater to the clueless marketing boffins and beancounters, the FZ200 may well go down in history as a classic.

As improbable as it sounds, this may ACTUALLY be the FZ50 descendant!

Nokia is reportedly going to include a 46 (yes FORTY-SIX) MP sensor on their next smartphone; do we really think Panny will continue to resist the lure of big zoom and MP numbers in the face of company financial pressures and increasingly intense competition?

This is a GREAT camera, and the hundreds of vastly positive reviews by everyday people on Amazon is real-world proof enough...

Now IF Panasonic pulled their head out of the sand for 5 minutes and issued a firmware update to address the commonly requested setup and functional issues... well, one can dream on I guess.

In regard to the naysayers banging their (personal insecurities) drum about sensor noise et al, in my mind the VASTLY SUPERIOR Leica f2.8 lens, battery life, flexible night and video functionality, and pure operational speed, not to mention the sheer fun, imbues this piece of technology with that rare combination of quality, class and functional excellence that we all seek.

To those naysayers, my advice is to either buy one, or take a long hard look in the mirror.

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