THANKS to ANTIgunners............

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Re: THANKS to ANTIgunners............

Bill Force wrote:

You write with a great deal of thought and wisdom, too bad your not a politician......they don't.

A sensible approach is the only way any changes will ever be made, not knee jerk Bandaids.

I have the handgun (Colt .38 Lightning double action) that my Great-grandfather bought in 1867 when he took the job of "Marshall" in California. There is now way I would part with it regardless of inane legistation or laws.

The extreme LEFT is oblivious of the laws that are part of the Constitution and are cast in concrete regadless of Idiots like Al Sarpton who says the Constitution is a flexible document that can be changed by a few morons. Al needs to read the rules (3/4 of the Congress) to change an ammendment. If we had more inner-city dwellers who listen to Clarence Thomas instead of nobody's like Al they may understand LAWS of the LAND. We have listened far too long to progressives who since WW11 have had way too large a voice in American politics and the Laws of the Land. I guess when you consider the number of inner-city dwellers who disregard and break laws then of course you try to change the laws instead of OBEYING them. It has worked to some extent since WW11 but i think it may be coming to a head soon.

Folks, the SC will NOT change the constitution in spite of all the rhetoric from fools like Obama and Feinstein.

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' You don't have to have the best of everything to get the best out of what you do have'.

Thanks Bill for the kind words.

I do not want to get involved in the naming of names, or blame game, but suffice it to say that I want gun violence to stop.  I have no idea of how to completely stop it, but what I do know is this.  I no longer feel safe without my guns, and that is sad, very sad.

As you, and others well know, back in the 40's, 50's and most of the 60's, people could leave their homes and not have to lock the doors.  Your neighbors were your best friends, and people respected others and their property.

Today, people don't even respect their own property, much less others property.  Drive though some of the neighborhoods in every city and you will see some of the most disgusting, trashy homes ever imaginable.  Trash everywhere, homes that look like they are about to cave in.   Neighbors hardly talk to each other, much less like each other, and the value of human life is at an all time low.  Some people will shoot you in the face for a quarter, and never blink an eye about doing it.  That is what society has dropped too.  When a human being can take another human beings life and never cry a tear over that, we have lost touch with reality.  Personally, I blame that on television violence, video game violence, and horrendously offensive music with lyrics our Grandparents would cringe to hear.  When a 20 year old young man can murder his own Mother, and then take her guns, drive to a school and proceed to murder 27 innocent human beings, 20 of them 6 YEARS OLD,  and then turn the gun on himself, that is not only insanity, but the worst form of human civility known to mankind.  How many people cried, and cried, and cried over that, not knowing any of those children??  We all KNOW it is wrong, but what in the world have we done to ourselves as human beings that has created this??

If this does not tell people why we are buying guns, then I have no answers for them.  But please, trust me, I would GLADLY, gladly give up my handguns, and beg others to also if we could ever get society to appreciate the value of human life again.  I am simply not sure that is ever going to happen though, as we see this type of behavior each and every day now.  Hell, we can even get gangs off the streets in two of our biggest cites, because people are afraid to speak up out of fear for their own safety.  In today's day and age, the witness of crimes needs protection from the criminals, so most people who use to stand up against these type of criminals, will now just turn their backs and say, "I don't want to get involved".   I am afraid it is going to one day come down to armed National Guard members patrolling cities like Chicago and Washington D.C.  And frankly, maybe that is what it takes.

Finally, I am willing to bet HUGE dollars on this statement also.  The struggle to take away the guns of our citizens will be a fight that our Politicians do not want to fight.  They will not win, and they know it.

But, the fight they can win, if they are willing to work together is to stand up and say, enough of this crime.  Make tougher laws, (lets call it tough love, remember that term?) and lets make people understand that this country will no longer tolerate crime.

Build more jails, (yes, that probably means more taxes), put those who want to break laws behind bars for a long period of time.  Enough time that when, (or if) they are released, they will never WANT to break another law again.  But, if we keep just slapping the wrists, or ignoring the JUVENILES who think they have free reign to do whatever they want to do, then we can slowly but surely reduce the crime in this country.

Bring our Military personnel home, and place them on the borders, place them in the streets to patrol our own crime riddled neighborhoods, and lets stop this crime.  After that is accomplished, and people begin to feel more comfortable in their own homes, then deal with the high volume of guns on the streets.  I can promise you this.  I never wanted guns in my home.  I want to feel safe in my own home, but I will not give up my 2nd amendment right as long as crime is out of control in this country.

Thanks for reading.

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