Hold your breath. The new 20mm F2.8 covers FF!

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Stailick New Member • Posts: 21
Hold your breath. The new 20mm F2.8 covers FF!

So you know Sony came out with the new pancake.

You will not believe this but unless Sony is wrong, this lens covers FF.

If you do look at their MTF chart.


You will notice that the MTF chart 's X axis goes to roughly 22mm. Well that an indication that it indeed covers FF. Although the corners fail, they are still COVERED!

If you don't believe me, check the MTF for this Crop lens,


And check the MTF for the almighty Zeiss.


Make your own judgement folks. Unless Sony posted a wrong MTF. We have our first FF NEX lens!

And its ultra-wide angle!

Now you can justify its price tag. Imagine a FF NEX with this pancake.

You guys have a good February.

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