for handheld video and long lens shooting, GH3 or EM5?

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Re: for handheld video and long lens shooting, GH3 or EM5?

If footage makes you "seasick" it doesn't matter what bitrate it's shot at.

The 100-300m gives AWESOME quality and HUMONGOUS reach especially with Ext Tele Conv active, but you GOTTA HAVE IT ON A TRIPOD that sits on concrete.  I could barely breathe standing next to mine on a wood deck.

Even with OIS and low magnification I've had trouble getting anything decent hand holding.  Maybe a young buck with steady nerves would do better for shakes, but you still gotta concentrate very hard to maintain a smooth level pan.

I used to hand hold a Digital8 Sony camcorder with "Steady Shot" at 10x zoom and got stuff I was OK watching, but most of it would only torture family or friends.

I have no experience with them, but for acceptable walk around I'd sugget researching the "SteadyCam" devices.


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