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Re: Gamut coverage and accuracy are not the same thing

VT wrote:

Chris Noble wrote:

Covering 100% of the sRGB gamut does not mean that the monitor is accurate. It could be way off and still have a range that is 100% (or more). Accuracy is how close each individual gradation is to what it should be.

Thank you I think we may have covered this already - I realize that many don't think anything other than calibration with a tool is adequate, and I accept that -

No we don't think that. We're just saying that covering 100% of the gamut does not mean necessarily that the monitor is accurate. You keep repeating that you assume the monitor is accurate because it covers 100% of the gamut.

however I bought this monitor because it had an sRGB preset that sets sRGB color space, and there are absolutely no other adjustments under that setting not even brightness and contrast, so it is more than gamut - otherwise it would useless.

Not being able to adjust brightness is very strange. That is completely unrelated to gamut coverage. The correct brightness for photo processing is a lot lower than the correct brightness for general computer use or watching multimedia in a normally-lit room.

Anyway, if your posted and printed photos look good that is the most important thing. Enjoy it!

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