Remove science from schools

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Nicely stated.

Barrie Davis wrote:

William DIllard wrote:

I believe science as it is taught in schools should be most oriented to measurable topics such as geological conditions, the mathmatics of physics, the measurment and movement of the observable universe, chemical equations, biology and that kind of thing. Evolution and Creationism should be discussed and debated if for no other reason than the fun of the intellectual pursuit of knowledge.

All bible believers do not accept the six day creation or a universe that is less than a thousand years old but you might not now that if it has been put in your belief system the bible is against rational thought. Talk about Creationism if you will, just don't take up a whole semester on it ! And teach Evolution as the theory that it is and not a fact !

No. That's wrong.

In science, theories are not 'inferior' to facts. Theories stand ABOVE facts, William. A theory provides the intellectual framework explaining why the known facts are what they are. It is important to realise this when talking about scientific theories... (a scientific theory is never mere conjecture.)

A theory can also be predictive of new facts, before they are discovered. When such discoveries are subsequently made, it demonstrates that the theory is a sound one, and therefore factual in its own right.

This has happened many times in the case Evolution, and continues to happen on a daily basis, demonstrating that Evolution by the mechanism of Natural Selection is one of the most solidly "factual" theories in all of science.

I hope that is clearer now.

Many are of the opinion that "theory" means "hypothesis" or "conjecture", when, in fact, as you say, naming a process a "theory" is the top of the heap in science.

Others are of the opinion that if a scientific theory does not explain everything, or if there are some observations that the theory cannot account for (or even contradict the theory) that the theory must be completely wrong, all the while completely ignoring that their proposed alternative to the theory suffers from far more contradictions and has no predictive power whatsoever.

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