FZ200: Silkypix RAW and Standard JPG comparison

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Don't edit RAW with FastStone

Setter Dog wrote:


In the last week, I've started trying RAW processing with Faststone 4.7, really hoping to like it. A few of my efforts looked pretty good, especially the application of sharpening.

Today, I went to my hunting club with the dogs and shot about 50 (100) pictures in RAW +JPEG. So far, I've processed about ten of the RAW images and find I'm losing interest. None, so far, are any better than the JPEGs, most not as good.

I'm still a rookie at RAW, but must say that, so far at least, I'm hard pressed to think it's worth the time.

I'm sure I'm missing something,.....and I'm going to stay with it,.......for awhile.



Raw processing with Faststone is indeed a waste of your time. Here's why.

This is a full w/a picture of my doorway, stored as .RW2, and viewed in FastStone.

No, I do not live in Hobbiton.

The FZ200 lens at full W/A has a huge amount of barrel distortion, which appears in the RAW image stored within the .RW2 file. It similarly has a good deal of chromatic aberration, which also appears in the RAW image.

The in-camera JPG engine knows how to correct for the barrel distortion and CA automatically, so you don't see it in the JPG.

Silkypix and Lightroom know how to apply the corrections also...in fact you have no way to disable the corrections, even if you wanted to.

In contrast, the RAW processor in FastStone (I think it's UFRAW)  can extract the sensor information, but is incapable of handling the distortion and CA corrections. That means you need to tune every image manually to accomplish what Silkypix and Lightroom do in background.

I think there are lots of good reasons to use RAW - if only as an adjunct to the camera JPG in "difficult" lighting situations - but you need to use the proper processing software...and as far as I can tell, that does not include FastStone


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