Eagle BIFs and URGENT AF-S question to birders/tele shooters/trouble shooters!

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I did some more testing.  This time I threw the D2H and 70-200 VR into the mix and got the same jittery dancing around and misfocus with all camera-lens combinations, so I'm inclined to think it's "normal" behavior.  I'm guessing that it's hard for the camera to find enough detail to focus on when the subject is relatively small in the frame, so the AF is forced to hunt back and forth, and the issue is compounded by the difficulty of keeping a telephoto lens perfectly steady.

Right after I finished testing, the Nikon rep called to say she tried their 300/4 on similar subjects, got the same behavior, and came to the same basic conclusion.

She said she still wanted to take a look at my lens, along with one of the bodies, but there's so little time before my trip that I said I'd take my chances with what I have now and maybe visit the service center again once I'm back.

I think the AF will be OK for the eagle BIFs, which are my main interest.   I'm not entirely satisfied with the above explanation, though, as it seems like the DOF should be deep enough at these distances that the camera wouldn't need to grab onto fine detail.  I also don't understand why shooting through windows seems to work so much better.  So I'm still interested, if anybody has more input.


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