RAW file disparity between Lightroom 4 and Photoshop CS5

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Re: RAW file disparity between Lightroom 4 and Photoshop CS5

kchildress wrote:
To this point I have avoided using DNG, and I'm not completely sold on the idea even now.

Do you have an actual reason for this concern?

As photographers we are constantly converting between formats. We convert RAW files to PSD to work on them in Photoshop and convert those PSDs to TIFF to work on them in some other package. We export them as JPEG or convert to any of the many other file formats? File formats are just data with a header and we convert between them all the time so why would you suddenly have concerns about converting RAW to DNG.

Can anyone comment on what issues/concerns I might have with using the DNG converter in CS5, but not converting to DNG in Lightroom?

The real issue you will have is not the file format but the fact that you would be using an old and outdated RAW processing engine (the version of ACR that comes with CS5) when you have a newer and much better one available (the version in LR4).

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