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One more P.S. (how it's firewall rates)...

BTW, if you look at some of the more sophisticated tests of software firewall products, you'll see Comodo works better than any of them.

For example, check out the results of this Proactive Security Challenge:

They do leak tests to see if anything can be transmitted, Spying tests to see how a product handles key loggers and packet sniffers, Autorun tests to make sure nothing can install itself and run upon a reboot, self defense tests to make sure nothing can disable the Firewall software, tests to see if anything can maliciously modify system files and more.

Comodo Internet Security was the highest ranked product for the last test series (now using 64 Bit Windows):

The one they did the previous year was using 32 bit XP, and Comodo still had the highest score. Scroll down on this page to see the results:

They'll probably do another one in February 2013, and I would not be surprised to see it at the top again, especially since they've made a lot of improvements in the latest 6.x versions.

I've been running the Comodo Firewall Software for quite a while now, because of it's zero day protection features (i.e., their Defense+ feature set), not just because of its' Firewall.

I was also using Avira Antivir Premium, because it tends to do well in malware detection tests involving lots of samples, where it tends to detect a high percentage when scanning files for malware.

See this post discussing what I was using:

But, because there is so much new malware coming out now, I'd value the protection the Comodo Firewall software more than any AV scanner (and you get the same thing with the free Comodo Internet Security, which also provides an AV scanner), since there is always going to be a "window of opportunity" before any of the AV scanners may know how to recognize new malware strains.

So, I use Comodo's Defense+ features to stop a program doing anything I don't approve (installing, modifying registry keys, accessing the internet, etc), even if every AV scanner around says that program tests as clean.

As mentioned in previous posts, if Joe's Exif Reader is trying to modify registry keys, I'm going to want to know about and block that behavior by default, even if every Antivirus Scanner around says it's clean (because they may not know how to recognize brand new malware yet).

That's where the Comodo products come in

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