Judge's Choice Awards: Viet Nam: Everything except portraits

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Re: Judge's Choice Awards: Viet Nam: Everything except portraits

RuthC wrote:

Hi santamonica812,

I've just read your comments about the difficulties of achieving a high voting rate, and I agree it is a real problem.

You mention having a challenge asking entrants to comment on other entrants' photos. That is fine if your first language is English, but my experience in the challenges I've hosted is that a surprising number of entries come from folks all over the world! I am constantly surprised and delighted to have entries from places which I would have difficulty locating on a map.

I know that these entrants would use a generic Google-Translation to read the challenge theme, and rules, but to expect them to write ten or more comments about other entries is being a bit unrealistic, IMO.

Yes, I KNOW this is an English-based website, but having entries from numerous and far-flung countries adds to the richness of the photographic experiences, and I believe this would off-set the lack of pertinent comments from these folks.


You made a good point, and it's something that has been a factor in me not yet trying this.  I think that if I give this a try, I'll make sure that I do not require any in-depth feedback.  Fortunately, everyone is able to say "nice image" or "too dark" or things like that.  My hope is that there will be lots of substantive comments along with those simple generic ones.

Like you, I love seeing entries from all over the globe, and I'd hate to institute a rule that in any way discouraged this.  Let's use these challenges as experiments, to see what does and does not work.  (I've already receive some comments that hate the idea of mandatory voting, and some comments that are so happy I've put in that rule.)  I've got pretty thick skin, so I can suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune.

Nothing in my challenges is written in stone, and I have no problem trying new idea, and discarding ones that don't work (or where the positives are outweighed by externalities I had not anticipated).

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