Sigma 30 & 19 plus Ultra Wide Converter

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Re: Sigma 30 & 19 plus Ultra Wide Converter

flint-hill wrote:

Thanks very, very much for doing this work. I've wanted to see images from the Sigma 19mm and this converter for quite awhile.

I agree. Thanks for the samples.

I looked at all four images in full size. The 19mm results look a little worse on the left side than on the right. This might be decentering or just an scene artifact. It's not a serious problem, but perhaps worth mentioning.

On both lenses, the converter induces too much softness and smearing along the edges for me to be interested in getting it.

It looks like there's some CA going on in the left side of the 19mm+converter image, too. Unfortunate.

That is emphatically not a criticism of your technique or judgment. It's just my impression of the images.

Thanks again for bearing the expense and doing this work. It's something that needed investigating. There's really room for a sharp UWA converter for the Sigma 19mm, but I'm not sure this is the one.

Hmm. How does this combination compare to the Sony 16mm + UWA converter?

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