THANKS to ANTIgunners............

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Re: THANKS to ANTIgunners............

I own three guns. A 9mm handgun, a .22 caliber handgun, and a .22 rifle for target shooting.

I own the handguns for personal safety.

A few years ago, we had several break-ins in our neighborhood. Some of those were in the early morning hours. Some of them were just automobile break-ins.

I decided for the first time ever in my life to start purchasing a few guns, and to obtain my personal protection permit. I did this because of the crime in our area. Yes, they have those responsible and put them in jail.  But during that period, it was a tad bit alarming to say the least. So, I carry one handgun in my vehicle at all times, and one in my home.

Here is my comment about gun control.

I am more than willing to do whatever it takes to stop the gun violence in this country, but that starts with stiffer penalties against those who wish to commit crimes. I am sick and tired of letting the criminals out with slap on the hands or wrists. Rapists, Robbers, Murderers, Drug addicts, etc, etc, etc. If you want me to give up my weapon, then make better laws to lock away those who do not want to live in a civil society. I am tired of the cries of "overcrowding in jails", or, "I don't want to pay more taxes to build larger jails". I am sick and tired of crime, and the criminals just getting slap on the wrists. I am beyond sick of it.

Second, mental health issues must be addressed, and addressed NOW. All of these recent crimes involved men with mental health issues. We can no longer allow those with severe mental health issues to live within a civilized community, especially if their illnesses poses a threat to other human life.

Until then, I will fight for my right to protect myself, and my family, even if that means having to pull that trigger if someone enters my home illegally.

So, you want my guns, then tell your legislators to fight and fight and fight to make stronger laws to lock up those who commit crimes. Get them off the streets to make the streets safer, and then I will gladly give up my guns.

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