Need tips for RX1

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Need tips for RX1

Hi All,

I finally got my RX1 today! Had to wait until a friend went to the US to buy it there (prices are insane elsewhere) and I couldn't be happier to finally have it in my hands. I'm at home right now and it's really late, so I couldn't experiment a lot, but the high iso images and bokeh are amazing from the few pictures I took so far.

I'm planning on taking it to a friend's birthday tomorrow and wanted some tips from you who have had the camera for some time now.

Here are my questions:

- I noticed flexible focus has a smaller focusing area than center focus. Is it more precise? I tried both in low light and I got mixed results.. sometimes flexible is better, sometimes center is better.

- Do you turn face detection on? I was expecting it to detect faces and look focus on eyes, but at f/2 it is consistently focusing on the eyebrows leaving the eyes slightly out of focus. Should I just turn it off?

- Do you use peaking level on low, medium or high? Is there a way to have peaking enabled without using the focus assistent (like I can on the NEX 6)?

- When I'm using flexible spot is there a way to quickly move the spot around? I assigned the focus type function to the "down button" and I can get to it pressing two buttons ("down" and then selecting "flexible"). Can I get to it using just one button?

- In the menu there's a LCD brightness setting with 3 options: Auto, Manual, Sunny Weather. When it's set to auto will it use the sunny weather setting if I'm outside and the camera detects it's really bright or do I have to manually enable it?

Thanks and I'll post some pictures soon!

Sony RX1
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