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Re: Get off the RX1's back

tbcass wrote:

ianbrown wrote:

I can't believe the amount of negative feedback on the RX1 on this forum!!!!

I guess its because we have discussions about a FF camera on a compact APS forum?

Slow AF - limited auto ISO - Fixed lens - Too expensive ye ye ye

I think its just envy, mainly from RX100 owners who think their camera will perform almost as we'll for 25% of the price. Well let me tell you if you think that you know very little about photography.

Sony has made a superb camera that is both unique and a work of art that produces stunning images .

Its far from perfect but if you can afford one you won't be disappointed unless you are trying to compare it with a FF DSLR and want to use for sports photography etc.

So please give the RX1 a break and congratulate Sony on achieving something that no other manufacturer has dared or indeed could do.


Hey I know plenty about photography as I've been involved in the hobby for 45 years. I bought my first SLR in 1969. I took photography courses in college. I own an RX100, an A55 and an A65. The RX1 is over priced plain and simple. It would be a great camera for $1500 but for $2800 it's a rip off IMO and nothing you say can change my mind.

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Don't care to change your mind,I couldn't care less, but the truth is the camera is cheap if you have the money, it is not cheap if you don't have any money . I have road bikes (not motor bikes) that cost more than 3 to 4 times what the RX1 costs and my buddy who rides with me has one that cost 3 times less than the RX1, he is happy and so am I, who the hell cares what others pay for what they love to have or do.   WC

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