Anyone understands the point of Nikon's Auto ISO logic on D600?

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Re: Anyone understands the point of Nikon's Auto ISO logic on D600?

pipee wrote:

pavi1 wrote:

Well Duh right back at you. You want a camera that thinks for you, the rest want the camera to do as it is told. Guess they can't make everyone happy.

What are you on about?

It sounds like you are the one who wants a camera that thinks for you. Did you tell the camera to overwrite the minimum iso setting in the Auto ISO menu? No. So why should it do it when it was not 'told to"?

If you still don't understand this, learn to use the camera.

My camera performs just as it was designed to perform. I have learned how it performs and have succesfully captured nearly 100,000 near perfectly exposed and focused pictures. So yes I know how it works and do not spend my time crying over something I can not change. Grow up or sell your Nikon and buy a brand that works like you think it should.

My camera has never done anything I did not tell it to do, right or wrong. If yours is broke get it fixed and quit crying.

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