Why to pay a fortune for PW system?

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Yes, RP, just like other similar choice options, are expensive

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So, with the new lower price of RP and no real learning curve, I think they are in my crystal ball. And I wont have to sell my beloved SB800s

Being a speedlight junkie, I simply loved the fact that the Radio Popper PX attached to my 580EX's and there was no learning curve. Just set them for either Canon or Nikon flash...and you're up and shooting. I had forgotten about that...it was the key deciding factor for me....

Regards, Mike

And what about the cost? Looks very expensive as well.

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If my language it is not clear, excuse me, the English is just my third language.

As you can see reading through all the great posts, there are a lot of viable options. The choice is going to be driven by your work flow. I reaaaaaaaaaly loved Alien Bees and Cyber Sync, but the system wasn't portable enough for me and I wanted more than a studio setup, plus I couldn't see myself carrying around large battery packs. I would have really loved the Quantum Flash system as mentioned, but that system is way out of my league. I fall into the wannbe-one-day category.

I, for a variety of reasons, fell in love with speedlights. Portability, small, easy to setup, etc. But what I absolutely loved about the speedlights was their ability to setup and completely control groups of slaves via a single master flash. The limiting factor of course was the systems shortcomings with line-of-sight. The RP system gave me all the flexibility that I loved with the speedlights, but eliminated the line-of-sight limitations, and so a simple idiot like me could use them. Outside-daylight hours shooting has never been so easy and enjoyable.

Expensive? Darn toot'n. But it's been worth it for me; mainly because I'm continuously learning and experimenting more and more with lighting. There are a mother-load of inexpensive options...typically only manual mode...without ETTL or HSS. Just because there are expensive lighting kits and triggers out there, doesn't mean it's for anyone.

Get what fits your work flow. And how you want to grow in your endeavors as a photographer.

Regards, Mike

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