GXR M mount module

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Re: GXR M mount module

Tom Caldwell wrote:

Thanks Godfrey,

I do most of my "boring" addresses to the world from an ipad before I face the day. I should get upstairs and get some more photographs off the "big computer". Unfortunately I suffer from the "perfection" syndrome. Always meaning to go back and "fix up" earlier images but I keep spraying more into the bucket where they all slop around.

Therefore these images ended up just being jpg versions straight from the camera whilst I would prefer (and should) go back and trim up the raw copy for publication. At other times I have posted up reduced size images which also never do the medium justice. I become my own worst enemy.

I would have more images up but some are taken by dpreview to be posted sideways. Despite all efforts to re-orient them correctly before posting. This seems to be a random thing by dpreview and nothing to do with the original orientation of the capture. No matter how I twist and play with them an image will post up "lying on it's side". Given that the problem is something to do with the original capture and possibly unavoidable it would be nice if dpreview would provide an image re-orientation function in the displayed area of the fora.

Hence: I use Capture One to process raw but even native jpg files ex-camera randomly are mis-orirnted when displayed. The gallery on dpreview allows re-orientation but a correctly oriented image in the gallery will still often display sideways when posted. I have no option but to cancel a post, go back to the gallery and re-orient the image on it's side in the gallery at which stage it will then be imported into the forum in usable form. This problem and it's accompanying frustration is also a put-off to posting images.

I find it incredible that the forum image posting cannot follow the orientation used in the gallery. But it does only randomly and inexplicably throwing some images out by 90 degrees.

I only ever post fully finished renderings of my photos, unless I'm specifically grabbing an out of camera file to illustrate something in a discussion. I might do the rendering on my system at home or on my iPad ... doesn't really matter. Same for the usual daily chit chat on the forums. (If I'm writing anything at length, I connect a wireless keyboard to the iPad to save on typing time and improve spelling accuracy...

I've never seen an image orient incorrectly with DPReview's forum software. That said, I don't use the DPReview gallery ... I host my photos on flickr or dropbox and link them to display here. No point to using yet another web repository for no reason, my stuff gets too scattered as it is already.

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