Anyone go from a Canon S100 to the RX100?

Started Jan 31, 2013 | Discussions thread
kazkioken Contributing Member • Posts: 546
Re: Anyone go from a Canon S100 to the RX100?

The S100 is tiny and slim.  On every other aspect except cost the RX100 pretty much kills it.  Get one you'll love it.  The easiest way to test if you need it is, shoot something tonight at 3200ISO on your S100 and look at the noise.  Then compare to shots on Flickr with the Rx100 at 3200ISO and you can see the difference.  That's just what happens when you get a larger sensor and a great image processor - I don't feel bad at all when I leave behind my larger cameras and take it out.  Also you actually do have a real 20MP to work with when you crop -

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