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Re: Monitor for Photo Processing

Pictus wrote:

The eye is not a good instrument for calibration, see:

BTW, the Spyder4 Express is $99.00 , use with the free and fantastic Argyll+dispcalGUI and there will be no limitation like the software from Datacolor/X-rite. Offer a calibration service to your friends to get some money...

Thank you again Pictus for the valuable advice.

Just to clarify I am not calibrating by eye - merely checking the sRGB preset from which there are no adjustments at all.

I do realize this budget monitor is not quite in the same league as those more expensive AH-IPS monitors from Dell, that also have sRGB presets - but from the reviews sites you very kindly pointed to those monitors factory calibrated presets were pretty accurate.

The sRGB presets were pretty comparable to the calibrations that the reviewers did - certainly  within any experimental errors that I may be able to manage, being inexperienced with calibration tools.

I will investigate the tools you suggested.

It still appears that the monitor I purchased seems well adjusted on its factory calibrated 100% sRGB preset and that was the point - the monitor has a factory calibrated preset and all I had to do was to set that - I realize perhaps it may not be as accurate or optimal compared to good calibration - but I don't think it is wildly out either.

Thank you very much.

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