Am I doing something wrong? Sony A57

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Re: Am I doing something wrong? Sony A57

I thank you all very much for your comments and the help you have provided.

I understand about the lighting; thankfully it's my in-laws house. Even still, their lighting isn't terrible. Also, I will make sure to keep my ISO settings lower. ISO was probably set at automatic.

I think I will definitely buy a 50mm Minolta (or Sony 35mm) to capture my little man. Rarely is he still, and he will only become more active in the coming weeks. Thank you, by the way, to those who complimented me about him.

As to the last couple people who mentioned the posterization effect... That's what really bothers me about the images. It never ever happened with the D5100. I use Photoshop to resize them, but that's as far as I've played with the images. If I zoom in on the pictures on my camera, the same effect shows, so I'm positive it's not Photoshop.

Thanks again to all of you who have offered help!

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