Please share photgraphy tip(s) you've used

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Always preset your camera when you go out shooting

Here's a simple one but it has proven useful to me countless times. Whenever you set out to photograph, always preset your camera with settings that are most likely to be used for the type of photography and light conditions you're in. Especially skittish wildlife and birds in flight type of stuff requires that you are quick and nail the shot when the opportunity presents itself, and it's not uncommon that it presents itself when you've just arrived, walking around with the camera set to whatever you've had the last night, something like iso 1600, 1/60ss f/2.8, which will completely blow out the image or blur like crazy with a 400mm lens and is noisy to boot Happened to me too many times.

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we have a wealth of experienced and knowledgeable photographers on this forum who I would like to tap and have share their photography tips (not camera specific) tips they've picked up while discovering and exploring their love of photography. From the newest "noobie" to the most seasoned veteran we can all learn from each other. My approach after being a carpenter 40+ years was that I could learn something new at work everyday, if I kept my mind (eyes and ears) open. Never too experienced to learn from anyone. With that said, please add a tip, or as many as you want to this thread. Change the subject entry line to your tip subject so those who only want to read the tips, won't overlook your contribution. Thanks, Mike

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