my new to me `leica`????

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Re: my new to me `leica`????

nikonFboy wrote:

hi godfrey

im not the type to chase the latest model of anything, in fact im enjoying reading all my fellow nikon owners on the d100, d2oo & d300 forum creating hell because they dont know if and when the mythical d400 will be released. i personally couldnt care less, i couldnt afford one, and i dont even want one, my d200 does me fine.

who knows, maybe one day i may get lucky and find that i can get a leica, but if i never do, it wont matter.

i really come and visit your forum as i think the quality of the images on your forum is better than the other forums, i just come looking for inspiration, and a lot of the time, i find some!!!!


It's not my forum — but the Leica Talk forum here is pretty good for people who like to look at photographs, I agree! I visited here regularly through the years when I didn't have any Leica gear too.

If you're happy with the equipment you've got, life is good ... Make photos and enjoy! Your subject title should really have been "my new to me Leica clone!" rather than the somewhat ambiguous way you posed it, I think.

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