S3pro/ S5pro 50mm lens question

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Why not the 50/2 Ai?

The 50/2 Ai is cheaper, lighter, and sharper than either of the 1,8 or 1,4 version and has no double circle bokeh. It has 6-sided aperture which makes for less distracting sunstars, and it can be had for 50$.

It is an older design with less abrasive reflections because its coatings are from the 70's, not the aggressive 80/90 era. If you absolutely need AF, the 1,8 version is a fine lens but the 1,4 is wonderful. If you didn't get on with it, that is a shame as it is, apart from its crappy MF ring, a very fine lens.

But I've owned the 1,4G; 1,8D; 1,4D (had on loan for quite a bit) and the 50/2. The last is my favourite by far. The below is a not-so-great example of the soft, flowing colours you can get from the 50/2. The 35/2 as stated above, is very similar, but not quite as sharp.

Of course, all Ai/S lenses will have some sort of spheric aberration wide open. I actually like it. With strong backlight, it can a create natural glow that people pine for in certain situations.

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