Sony a37 for a beginner?

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Re: Sony a37 for a beginner?

A37, A57, or up are all fine, but what you must keep in mind as a beginner is that with any SLR camera you are at the mercy of the speed and quality of your lens.

Typically the Kit lenses that come on camera's are decent when you're in good or great light, but when you get into dimmer lighting they are not 'fast' enough to allow you shoot high enough shutter speeds to get great photo's. Or, the camera will default to a much higher ISO which will give you potentially much grainer photos.

The Kit with the 18-135 lens is a much higher quality lens than the basic 18-55, but both are considered 'slow' lenses when it comes to shooting inside in low light.

Just something to keep in mind. Depending on what you intend to shoot, you might also want to research and consider if the Kit lenses will be providing what you expect based on photo's others post here and on other photo sites.

Often people jump into a DSLR camera and then don't understand why the Kit lens won't give them photo's like they see others posting, and in reality those people may have very fast lenses that they're using in natural light. (Note: there are affordable fast lenses for Sony's A-mount like the 35mm DT 1.8, 50mm DT 1.8 and even much older Minolta Maxxum lenses)

Food for thought.

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