S3pro/ S5pro 50mm lens question

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mistermejia wrote:

I am a very picky person and from what my eyes are seeing the G lenses are NOT good for the S5 pro, as i explained to you from my previous post, my nikon 35G produces a more fake and ugly skin tone, if that's what you call "smoother" and better, then i respect that, it is your choice. From what i can tell the D lenses are designed more for this camera alone. (...)

The S5 pro is old and cannot compete in the ISO and speed department obviously, but not everything about it is "technically outdated", lots of newer cameras with much "newer" technology cannot beat that camera in skin tones and dynamic range.

Thanks for replying again - no, with smoother I was only talking of the bokeh, dertermined by the number and shape of the aperture blade. I cannot judge about the skin tones or color rendition, but I am also sensitive to those: Which is why I bought and resold my Nikon d700 twice, as much as I liked functionality and precision of that camera, I did not manage to even like - let alone love - the skin tones (and colours in general). So yes, might be that the G's are not for me, I won't get into the D's anymore, because of the aperture blades, but I might try the Sigma 1,4 and maybe the new one that will come along soon.

On my d700 I used the Nikkor 105mm DC lens, also an older lens design with wonderful (!) bokeh, but too long on APS sensor cameras for my taste. 105 is about the limit up to which I feel comfortable with.


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