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Re: Where is the high magnification zoom for 2012?

RGBaker wrote:

Dirk U wrote:

Disappointment here too.

Can people who understand lens design please confirm whether there is merit in the suggestions that the NEX system cannot have a good long (say 350mm+ for game or birding) prime lens - perhaps a constraint due to the small flange back distance?

Are there so many 18 - 200 zooms because 200mm is the practical limit for NEX?

You can mount long lenses on a e-mount using an adapter, so I doubt there is any merit in a '200mm maximum' because of flange depth argument.
The simple truth is the demand for the lens you ask for is likely modest -- I worked in photographic retail for five or six years, and never once sold a lens that exceeded 300mm in length. You're asking for something over 500mm equiv. -- a very small niche, IMHO. A 200mm lens in APS-C represents the high end of any tele that was available in volume for FF.
The 'P' likely stands for 'power', as the newest 18-200 is a power zoom likely targetted at video shooters.

I think the demand isn't as high as it is for, say, the 55-210, but then the lens would be more expensive as well (perhaps $600-800 for a 150-400 would be nice).  Plus you get the usual halo effect (availability of high end product drives demand for lower end product.)

200mm is pretty short for the longest lens--every other APS-C system has pretty good performing 300mm low end zooms available.  Using the A-mount adaptor is a bad solution because you don't have stabilization.  Perhaps Sony should consider putting in-body stabilization in their higher-end NEX bodies.  Either that or update the A-mount tele-lenses to have stabilization.

Sigma sells a 120-400 zoom for Alpha mount with OS, but it's the non-telescoping type so it's very large even when it's not zoomed.


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