D600 Oil spots solved?

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Re: D600: Nikon covered a filet with steaming turd sauce

leicaman wrote:

xtranch wrote:

It would be good if the problem is fixed, I shoot with the d800 and have had no trouble, great camera. Been looking at the d600 as a second body, all the horror stories have put me off. I dont want to do a wet clean every week. There is a a reason for so many barely used d600's on the market. Its very disingenuous for Nikon to stonewall on what I perceive as a major flaw in an otherwise good camera. Would you buy a car that needed new plugs every week? I think that admitting the problem and offering a fix would prove to be too expensive for Nikon so they just keep selling them and pretend these are just internet rants. I will wait until there is substantial evidence they have fixed the problem rather than take the word of someone who is selling one, although I must ad that my experience with B&H has been excellent so far.

I have a D600. It is a great camera with a wonderful sensor... the problem is that it's full of crud. Clean it... blow it out... put the lens on and take a trip... Dust on every image.

How Nikon could so royally screw the pooch on such a good camera I will never know. This was their big opportunity to capture the market. They blew it and they are stonewalling their customers. No excuse.

+1,000. With D600 Nikon had a great chance to capture amateur  FF market. And such a failure with a lousy mechanics.


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