Am I able to do shallow DoF with RX100?

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Re: It's all in the setup - a couple of examples

Docno wrote:

raimZ wrote:

These came out very nicely! What was the setup for these shots?

Nothing special. Zoom in just enough so that you avoid wide-angle distortion, get in close to your subject (but not too close, again to avoid distortion), and have her stand as a sufficient distance from the background. And of course, open up your aperture as much as possible. It also helps to have a background that has no identifiable objects in it ... something patterned like these brick walls (so your eyes don't try to pull them into focus).

Even if your subject is close to the background, you can get a decent defocus effect from an abstract background.

This is absolutely correct. If you want to shoot a full length or group portrait then you're out of luck. But for head shots, shallow DOF is relatively easy with these cams. Here's a snapshot from the Fuji x10 with an even smaller 2/3" sensor. F2.8 @ 112mm equiv (28mm)

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