USAF Aggressor Aircraft at Red Flag 13-2

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Re: USAF Aggressor Aircraft at Red Flag 13-2

Jabs767 wrote:


As always great shots of awesome aircraft. Somehow I miss the old aggressor F5's that I saw when I was there in the 1980's.

With reference to using the 500VR, do you use VR when panning at such high passing rates as you would get with these subjects? It's just that when I have used VR at high angular rates, I get one sharp, the next slightly blurred and so on.

I particularly interested because I'm not sure how much practice I'm going to get with the Raptors at Avalon next month. There's talk that they might only fly on the public days and knowing what Avalon weather can be like in march; all 4 seasons in one day!!!

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Great to hear from you.  Sorry I missed you when you were in LA.

As far as the VR is concerned, I almost never turn it on.  I pretty much only use it when I am shooting prop planes and need a slower shutter speed. In my hands, having it on all the time led to some images, like you said, that were sharp and the next one not and then sharp again.  I just don't see the need for VR on when shooting at shutter speeds 640 or more.

I will create  a new post with the Raptors in them.


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