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Re: Monitor for Photo Processing

Thank you for all the useful feedback and advice.

I need to qualify my post thread from what I have learnt since.

First this really is more about the Budget end of monitors for photo processing -
there are many worthy monitors that are hundreds, if not thousands of $$ more.

I am not, and cannot really address that end of the price range.

The reason why I was so enthusiastic about the ViewSonic VX2270Smh-LED 22" Frameless LED Display - is mainly because it had 100% sRGB on a factory calibrated preset -
so that setting virtually makes initial calibration redundant.

Acknowledgement: calibration especially if optimal accuracy is required, and monitors will drift with age - so making re-calibration necessary

From the very comprehensive and thorough reviews at reputable sites such as:
LCD and TFT Monitor Reviews
PRAD | Review
Reviews of HDTVs and monitors - FlatpanelsHD
The factory preset sRGB have been satisfactory.

That's where AH-IPS was important -
LG claims AH-IPS has been certified by Intertek as being color accurate.

This means the panel itself is intrinsically more color accurate - so it is easier to have 100% sRGB -
and unless there is evidence of faster deterioration of the panel itself -
it probably stands to reason that it would maintain its color accuracy better than other IPS panel types.

Hence the importance of AH-IPS and obviously 100% sRGB on a factory calibrated Preset.

Perhaps 100% sRGB may only refer to the gamut -
however at least on this ViewSonic VX2270Smh-LED the preset seems to disable any other adjustment even brightness and contrast -
so it appears that the preset sets sRGB color space -

again those reviews of other monitors - especially the ones that use AH-IPS seem to show the sRGB preset/emulation are pretty accurate.

Short of having a calibration tool
I can only do my checking by eye - as mentioned already:

A handy reference page that collects together the most useful calibration sites -
5 Online Tools to Help Calibrate Your Monitor

Like I said short of actually using a calibration tool - by eye the monitor seems well adjusted on the factory preset for sRGB.
(note: calibration tools are $150-$250 street price - my monitor was only $160!)

But I do take the point, that a sRGB preset may not be as accurate as it can be potentially, and once the monitor ages things may shift - but for now it is brand new and things "seem" OK - within reason.

I am not against calibration - just for now I do not have the capability, other than by eye.

I looked at the various monitor review sites - in particular the AH-IPS panel monitors since that is the technology this ViewSonic VX2270Smh-LED is based on - those monitors (eg: Dell U2713H, Dell U2913WM) seem to do pretty well on their sRGB factory preset - seems almost to me to be within experimental errors - or at least someone inexperienced in monitor calibration - like me, for example

Having said all that, I am impressed with this budget ViewSonic VX2270Smh-LED monitor -
as it were - straight out of the box with its sRGB preset capability.

Thank you for all the helpful hints, I learned a lot.

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