New Toshiba sensor in D5200 excels at DxO Mark

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Re: Got it: Base ISO is not 100

rhlpetrus wrote: You mean nominal 140ISO is the actual base ISO? Does that have any practical implications? In terms of DR/clipping etc? So sensor is a bit more sensitive than recent one, is that correct?

At higher ISOs many DSLRs have digital scaling applied to the output of the ADC before writing data to the raw file. If I am correct, the D5200 also appears to have it at base. In such a case one could think of ISO 100 as being a sort of Lo1.5, with the same limitations - careful with the highlights, as the D5200 should reach saturation at slightly lower exposure than other recent DSLRs with lower actual Ssat.

PS The image above was rendered with Raw Therapee 4, neutral profiile.

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